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Apto serves nearly 10,000 commercial real estate brokers and is the CRM of choice for 6 of the top 8 CRE brands.
Our customers estimate that using Apto helps them save nearly 6 hours a week—that’s an average of 295 hours per year.
Our customers report a 610% annual return on investment (ROI) from their purchase of Apto.
Over the last year, we've spent 500+ hours interviewing brokers to gather feedback for product enhancements.

"Life has changed a lot since we jumped on to Apto. We're able to quickly prospect, make notes, set reminders. Day to day, I'm able to get through more calls."

Ara Rostamian
Vice President, SRS National Net Lease Group | Newport Beach

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"With automating our tasks, it went from being four hours of a day to thirty minutes of a day. We're able to spend that time getting more deals, growing as a team, and doing more transactions."

Jules Hochman
Principal, Pinnacle Real Estate Advisors

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"I'm personally a pretty big fan of [Apto]. I remember what it was like before they were around. It's made my life a lot easier."

Coy Davidson
Senior Vice President, Colliers International | Houston

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"It's unusual that you can find a piece of technology you can actually ascribe to getting a deal done, and therefore monetize the investment you made in technology."

Mike Demetriou
President, Baum Realty Group

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"I know a lot of agents still using Excel only and I don’t believe they are performing to their fullest potential. Apto is clearly a very powerful tool."

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Juda Penini headshot

Juda Penini

Debt & Equity Advisor

"I wouldn’t be able to do the amount of prospecting I currently am without Apto, and I’ve created a lot of new business opportunities for myself."

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Max Schumacher

Investment Sales / Rein & Grossoehme

"Needless to say, Apto has been a huge timesaver. What saves me the most time personally is the contact and group filtering."

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William LawsonWebsite

William Lawson

Director / Phillips Realty Capital

"Research for a cold call used to take anywhere from 3 to 5 minutes. With Apto, it takes 10 seconds to a minute to find all the relevant information."

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Gabriel Manzanares


"We’re sending the right material to the right people, and it makes us look smarter and keeps prospective clients more engaged."

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Eric Robison

Cushman & Wakefield | Thalhimer

"It’s so clear that you all have the most innovative technology out there right now and are all pushing to make it even better."

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Joe Levy

Sr. Associate

"I made the switch because I needed the ability to sync data and have mobile access to all that information in real time."

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Scott Hensley

Principal / Piedmont Properties

"When you do over 80 leases in a year, being able to access up-to-date information instantly, from any device, is critical!”

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Wil Catlin

Managing Director / Boston Realty Advisors

"Having everything in one place all synced up and not having to toggle between spreadsheets and windows saves time and minimizes stress."

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Brian Antognini

Client Services Specialist / CBRE

"With Apto, I can be more analytical and focus on what’s really going to generate business and help me build a pipeline."

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Ed Mc Shan

Broker / Skyline Realty

"Every time we breathe, we want it logged in Apto. As a team, we track every deal in Apto—due diligence, important deal milestones, etc."

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Mathew Laborde

President & CEO / Elifin Realty

"When it comes to working with the Apto team, everyone has been super responsive. Their customer service has been phenomenal."

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Jimmy Castellanos

Investment Associate

"Since using Apto Prospect & Nurture, I’ve become 60% more productive. I like to say that cold calls are now familiar calls."

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Matt Lyman

Principal Broker / Commercial Northwest

"Apto helps us save time but also makes us more competitive and helps us provide better service to our clients."

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Doug Banerjee

Managing Director / Greysteel

"The fact that the guys at Apto used to be CRE brokers makes all the difference. They understand the business."

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Matthew McGregor

Senior Vice President / Colliers

"I see Apto as a sales advantage. It saves time and helps us serve our clients better, which also translates into more revenue."

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Dylan Simon

Multifamily Investment Sales / Colliers

"If you’re looking to grow your team and business, it is critical to have a CRM. You need a way to have control of what’s happening in the business."

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Fahri Ozturk

First Vice President

"I like to work visually instead of looking through Excel spreadsheets, and I really liked that you could make call lists off of a map view."

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Shan Wedgwood


"Apto allows us to easily find and target the companies who can benefit from our services most. I’m using Apto all day every day."

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Ben Klimesh

Associate / Newmark Knight Frank

"Overall, I love the Apto team’s commitment to making sure things are right and working well for our business."

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Daniel Cawley

President / Cawley Chicago

"All the relevant contact info, property data, and documents are tied together between the properties, owners, and tenants."

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Justin Tunnell

Senior Director / Lee & Associates

"The biggest value to us is the ability to have everything linked together in a central database that is quickly accessible."

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Lee Wheeler

President / Wheeler Commercial

"It's a great way to stay organized and it doesn’t require a lot of effort. Using Apto is so easy, and it’s become a habit for us!"

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annie koch

Annie Koch

Vice President / Stream Capital Partners

"It is important that the entire team can see exactly what stage of the pipeline each deal is in and can be updated on the progress."

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David Maling

Senior Vice President / Colliers

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